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When you’re Texas-born, it means you have the grit and gumption to get done what needs doing. Our barbecue history is much the same. The German and Czech immigrants of the 1800s brought the seeds of Texas BBQ to this country when they would smoke leftover meat to prevent it from spoiling. These cheap leftover “scraps” became a popular meal for impoverished cowboys, African Americans, and migrant cotton pickers moving through the state.

As those migrant cotton pickers moved from town to town, temporary smokers would set up shop and follow them. Making their living feeding the hard working and the poor.

After the Civil War, cattle prices started shooting up as cowboys drove herds of longhorns north on the Chisholm Trail. Along with the cowboys, came their now ingrained love of barbecue. The Chisholm Trail is credited with bringing barbecue all the way to Kansas City, which is now a well-known barbecue hub.

While sanitation rules of the 1900s may have put the kibosh to open-pit style barbecue, it gave birth to the idea of the “Texas Hibachi”. Made out of a mobile, 55-gallon steel drum, this Texas smoker allowed barbecue aficionados to take their show on the road.

We started our company with Texas grit and ingenuity when the steel reels and spools business our founder was originally involved in started slowing down.

Taking our metalworking skills and our love of barbecue, we combined them to create Texas smokers that produce award-winning, mouth-watering barbecue.

Texas BBQ is ingrained into our culture and our past, and we at Texas Original Pits are honoring our history by making rugged, high-quality, Texas smokers that can rival any in the country. All our smokers are hand-forged and welded by a team of dedicated and skilled metalworkers, and will change the way you look at (and taste) Texas barbecue.

When you’re looking for a way to make Texas barbecue, trust only the best with Texas Original Pits.

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