Texas Original BBQ Pits® has brought handcrafted quality to the world of grills, fire pits and offset smokers since 2007. Diversifying due to the downturn in the Texas Oil and Gas Industry which severely affected his Steel Cable Reel manufacturing base, Anthony Saragusa, Founder, and Owner, knew that his first-rate team of heavy steel fabricators and welders could adapt and embrace a new passion, a common focus on no-compromise, affordable Texas BBQ smokers and pits. Uniting a robust business plan which would help them recover from the worst downturn in their industry since 1945 with a mission to take pride in crafting the finest BBQ range of affordable mid-market products they could design, the deluxe range of smokers, grills, and pits they would choose for themselves and their loved ones. Keeping the doors open and the craftsmen not only employed, but also re-energized, the strength, determination, skill, grit, and passion of the dedicated team ensures the highest quality results in terms of practicality, durability, rugged appeal, performance, and safety. Along with a Texas can-do attitude, every product is made with pride.  And let’s face it, whether you’re competing against the top BBQ pitmasters, the guy next door, or yourself, great barbecue results are easier to achieve with the finest, fit-for-purpose products. You want authentic BBQ flavor, we can help you get there.


A little competition is a good thing, especially when you’re competing at something that really takes skill and experience, like barbecue. We build our grills and offsets with 1/4″ steel pipe and 3/16” plate. All of our doors, vents and hinges are handcrafted and perfectly fitted.  We construct our line of top-grade offset smoker pits to last a lifetime and guarantee them against burnout. Our pits have so much steel in them that even the smallest pit we make weighs in at 165 pounds,  and our biggest pits weigh well over 1,200 pounds. So, when your neighbor’s shiny polished-steel grill has burnt through and is headed for the dump, you’ll still be smoking away.

So, for all you folks who like to be the best – the competition BBQ pit crews, the Backyard Chefs, the apron-wearing tong-wielders who live to “Grill” – it is YOU we craft our Texas Original BBQ Pits® for. Our pits are designed for use at the biggest BBQ competitions, and also for your own backyard where the end results can be just as memorable.

Ask any owner of a Texas Original BBQ Pits® product why they chose one of our pits and you’re likely to hear things like: “It keeps an even temperature for a long time;” or “It produces max heat using less wood than the other pits.” In other words, people who really know BBQ recognize the quality craftsmanship we put into our fine line of grills and offset smokers, and how those extra details can make all the difference in turning out mouth-watering BBQ. They appreciate why our pit doors are all hand-forged, and how our offset chamber design – perfected by award-winning pitmasters – maintains a flowing smoke and even temperature.


Texas Original BBQ Pits® continually gets 5-Star Reviews bragging about the quality and price point compared to their top competitors.  The build quality is solid and will last decades. Are you looking for true low-and-slow BBQ? That tender, fall-off-the-bone goodness everyone strives for? With so many types of BBQ smokers on the market today, we know picking the right one can be tough. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience selling and testing every type of smokers, BBQGuys, the expert authority on BBQ smokers, stands by Texas Original BBQ Pits® as  top-ranked smokers/grills with the following:

  • Quality – Some smokers are built with more economic, lower-quality components that’ll eventually be broken down by the elements. That’s why it’s important to consider smokers made of durable materials such as 1/4″ steel materials. You’ll get more for your money in the long run.
  • Performance – Our experts weigh several factors when grading off-set smokers for cooking performance. Smokers that cook the best have wider temperature variances, more even heat distribution, and are sealed tight to retain heat and hold in smoke.
  • Features – A BBQ smoker’s features play a huge role in how easy it is to use, and how much work will ultimately go into creating delicious, tender BBQ. Our Experts have chosen smokers that excel in all of these categories, so you can rest assured that every Texas Original BBQ Pits® smoker delivered offers amazing value.

At Texas Original BBQ Pits®  our Texas artisans enable us to produce a perfectly straight, well-performing pit, equally suited to the needs of competition BBQ and backyard enthusiasts.  We insist on actual quality, rather than perceived quality or marketing hype. The success we realize is due to the commitment we make to ensure that no compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of your Texas Original BBQ Pit®.

Each pit is handcrafted  in our Houston, Texas facility by folks that love building fires and cooking BBQ. Because we cook on the same pits we build, we understand the importance of things like holding an even temperature across the length of a cook, minimizing wood consumption, and, of course, maximizing heat retention. If you have a question about pit design or construction, airflow, customization, construction tolerances, anything at all, call us. The same guys who build our pits will be the ones answering your call, and we would be very pleased to share why we love our pits and how we use them.

Construction Methods and Materials

  • HAND-FORGED; perfectly straight and fitted (no bolts or fasteners)
  • 1″ wide x 3/16” Strapping around the Pit Doors
  • High Quality Stay-Cool Chrome Spring Handles
  • Constructed of 1/4 Steel Pipe and 3/16 Plate
  • Solid Round Bar for Hinges and Stops
  • #9 ¾ Pressed Metal Grating standard  for Cooking Surfaces
  • 2.5” Round Pipe for Legs
  • 21 Point Quality Inspection



Calling all Pitmasters & Ambassadors

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