Yes! Grill directly by building a charcoal fire underneath the grates and then grill right over the coals. Grill indirectly by building a firebox blaze and run the dampers in the open position. Smoking technique is accomplished just like indirect grilling except that the temperature is held at or below 275-degrees.

Offset smokers depend on a hot fire with wood as the source of flavor and fuel, while vertical pits rely on other fuel types, like charcoal with wood chunks included for flavor.

It typically takes 45-minutes to get a coal bed built and for the steel in the pit to come up to the desired cooking temperature. Once this happens the pit is ready to cook on.

Yes, all the grates are removable.

Texas Original BBQ Pits® are made of 1/4″ steel and 3/16″plate.

Most offset cooks use split wood.

Yes. You control pit temperature by adding more fuel (wood) and positioning the main damper on the firebox once the heat is stabilized.

Begin with the firebox lid, main damper, and chimney damper in the open position, this will increase airflow and speed the fire building process. Most offset cooks start with a charcoal base. Once you have a hotbed of charcoal, close the lid and place two pieces of wood onto the coal base. As the wood reduces to coal, close both dampers to the halfway position to allow the pit temperature to begin to rise. Once the pit stabilizes at the desired temperature, add one piece of flavor wood and the meat and you are off and cooking.

Expect to add one 16 – 18″ small split log to the fire every hour or so. The key to excellent color and a savory smoke-infused flavor is running a small, hot fire. When the fire is running efficiently you will have a thin light-colored smoke coming from the stack. NOTE: a heavy white smoke indicates that you are smoldering, not efficiently burning the wood. This will put a dark color and a harsh taste on your meat.

Coat the inside of your new pit with canola oil or other high temp vegetable oil or animal fat by using a brush over the entire surface. Using the smoking wood of your choice, build a fire in the firebox and run the pit at 175-225 degrees for three to five hours. Your new pit is cured and ready.

A 10-hour cook requires about 15-18 pieces of wood.

Wood selection is a matter of the cook’s taste, so we have included some basic guidelines to help in your selection. To begin with a wood that is going to be used should be either fruit or nut bearing. Typical smoking woods include apple, cherry, oak, pecan, hickory, and mesquite. The fruit woods produce a mild flavor with a slightly sweet finish. The oaks and other hardwoods produce a heartier smoke flavor, while pecan can end with a hint of sweet, the other hardwoods do not.

Flavor wood will also influence the color of the meat, for instance, some pitmasters like to mix cherry and pecan which produces a cherry like color on the bark and a robust smoke flavor with a slightly sweet finish. The list isn’t all inclusive; certainly, numerous other fruit woods are excellent choices as well. The other consideration when selecting wood is seasoned vs. green. Most experienced pitmasters choose seasoned wood. Seasoned wood burns more predictably, which contributes to a clean burning fire and in turn minimizes temperature spikes making pit management easier.

The ash clean-out tool that comes with each pit is designed to efficiently remove ash from the firebox.

You can cook on your Texas Original BBQ Pits® under any conditions, all year long, anytime you want.

Every Texas Original BBQ Pits® is built for a lifetime of satisfaction. Oftentimes companies write long legal disclaimers about what is covered and for how long.

Here at Texas Original BBQ Pits® it is simple. We believe in our American craftsmanship, our materials, and our designs. If your Texas Original BBQ Pits® product does not live up to what we said it would, then contact us and we will make things right again. If we screw up, we will fix it. If something broke and it is our fault, we will replace it. That is our promise offered on a Texas handshake! Read our Warranty here.

Anywhere in the lower 48.

All units are shrink-wrapped, palletized and ready to use. The delivery truck’s lift gate will lower the pallet to the ground. Just cut the bands and roll it to where it needs to be. No assembly required.

No. We are a manufacturing facility and only ship directly to our customers.

Definitely. Yes, please see our accessories we offer at /product-category/accessories/

In backyard offset smokers (if you don’t purchase a LOADED product) the primary options are the Heat Management Plate, Door Counter Weight, 2nd Level Slide-out Shelf and an Additional 3” Temperature Gauge.

The LOADED offset smoker adds our four most popular options at a 20% savings:

  • Cooking door counterweight
  • Heat management plate
  • 2nd level slide-out shelf
  • Extra 3” temperature gauge

All to maximize your cooking experience.



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