Smoker Arrival

Your smoker/grill will arrive on a pallet wrapped and held on with banding. Cut the bands and remove the plastic wrap and foam from the smoker. Remove the smoker from the pallet. It is recommended that two people remove the smoker from the pallet due to its size and weight. Open the cooking chamber and remove the front shelves cooking grates and ash rake. If your cooker is ordered with options, you will find them packaged inside.


Before the initial use of your smoker, two simple installations are necessary:

  • Open smoking chamber and take out the box containing the thermometer.
  • Remove thermometer from box. Notice that the gauge has a gauge housing, threaded barrel section with jamb nut, and thermostat end.

  • Locate the mounting port for the thermometer in the cooking chamber door. It is threaded internally in order to secure the thermometer.


  • Insert the thermometer, probe end first, into the mounting port, then thread the thermometer at least 6 turns into the port.
  • Rotate the thermometer face for proper orientation, then tighten down the jamb nut against the mouth of the mounting port to prevent the gauge from turning.

Before the initial use of your smoker


Installation II: Re-Install Butterfly Damper as follows:

  • Your smoker is shipped with the butterfly damper installed inverted (this done to avoid damage to the damper handle in shipment).
  • To install the damper to it’s correct position, simply open the firebox door and unthread the nut and bolt securing the center of the butterfly damper.


  • Rotate butterfly 180° so that handle is pointing to outside of firebox door.

  • With butterfly damper rotated, reinstall on fire box door using hex bolt and hex nut.

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