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Anahuac Tabletop Grill

$ 339.99

When we first built the Anahuac Grill, it started as more of a personal shop project that something we actually intended to sell. Build an exact replica of our critically acclaimed Corsicana in a smaller form factor for table top use? Sure. Why not?!

The funny thing about this project was, everyone who saw it wanted one. Turns out there are relatively few options available commercially for a high quality grill in a tabletop format. Just like our full size Corsicana, the Anahuac features our physics-defying heat retention thanks to its armor-like ¼ inch solid-steel construction. Easy to operate airflow adjustments deliver an amazingly precise temperature control perfect for steaks, chops, fajitas, chicken and burgers just about anywhere you want to take it. Customers love to tell us about all the amazing ways they use their Anahuac Grills: From tailgating, to catering, to big-city apartment-dwellers. Add the Anahuac Grill to your arsenal. Anahuac tabletop grill for sale.


Model Weight Dimensions
12.75" x 20" 35lbs
12-3/4"W  x 22"H x 26"L

Free Shipping For All Orders Over $1250

The Details

The Design

Stay-Cool Chrome Spring Handles
Strapped Chamber Doors to Contain Smoke
#9 ¾" pressed framed grating for Cooking Surfaces
Solid Round Bar For Tow Handle, Lid Stop, and Hinges

Built To Last

Charcoal Grate
3 Coats of High Temp Paint in BBQ Black
Custom Contoured Ash Clean-Out Tool
Fully Welded Pit (All Seams Continuously Welded)

Made To Work

Grease Drain
2.5” Round Tubing for Legs
Constructed of 1/4" Steel Pipe and Plate
12" Steel Wagon Wheels

Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits

Hand Crafted Quality Since 2007

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