Propane-Texas Cactus Burners | Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits

Propane-Texas Cactus Burners

$ 189.99

Texas Cactus Burners are great for clearing grass off fence rows.  Bar-B.Q. chefs really enjoy using propane cactus burners to get the logs or charcoal started RIGHT AWAY and for burning the old grease off the cooking grates in their Bar-B.Q. grills and smoker pits!  Our propane cactus burners have an adjustable handle and a needle valve for control and comfort.  

We offer a commercial quality outdoor propane cactus burners:  the Standard Propane Cactus Burner is designs is available in a 36” length.

We recommend use of this unit with an optional High pressure gas regulator with ten foot hose.

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Propane-Texas Cactus Burners