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Portable Pearsall Smoker - On Skids

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Portable Pearsall Smoker - On Skids
Portable Pearsall Smoker - On Skids
$ 3,749.99

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If your gatherings and backyard BBQ’s tend to be Texas-sized, look no further than the trailer-mounted Pearsall Smoker. This pit is identical to our standard Pearsall Smoker in a trailer-trailer mounted format. With the extra real estate of the vertical smoker you can load up the removable racks with some pork butts or use the included vertical hanging rod to hang ribs or sausage for a long relaxing bath in smoke city.

Each Texas Original Pits Trailer is built by hand in Houston, TX and features a 2” steel framework, 2” tow coupler, top wind screw jack, safety chains, universal light kit, steel fenders, 3500 lbs axle, and 15" wheels. We also outfit each trailer with a firewood cage and a propane tank / water cooler holder. 

One of our favorite features of the Pearsall smoker is the dynamic temperature range this pit can achieve. With direct heat you can easily achieve temperatures in excess of 700F degrees for professional “steak house” quality searing or Neapolitan style pizzas. On the other side of the house you can maintain a temp as low as 150F degrees in the vertical smoker for extend slow smoking and warming thanks to our precise airflow adjustment.

The Pearsall smoker has a true competition BBQ pedigree paired with TOP’s best-in-class engineering and hand-built construction. A quick glance at the size and weight specs and you will understand the Pearsall fights in the heavyweight class and is capable of anything you want to throw at it. Of course, all of that metal mass also means the Pearsall is one of our most temperature-stable pits which guarantees the ability to produce competition winning results…regardless of whether you are a trained pitmaster or a first-timer.

Every Pearsall smoker has dual 3” temperature gauges (one on the vertical smoker and one on the main cooking chamber), fully removable grates, grill grates for the firebox, dual dampers for airflow adjustment, and a grease drain.

All models feature dual dampers for airflow adjustment, 3" multi-temp zone heat gauge, grease drain, and grill grates for the firebox…standard. All Pearsall trailer mounted models come standard with a 2nd level shelf. Double door lids are standard on the 20" model while the 24" diameter model features triple lids for maximum cooking versatility. Portable pearsall vertical smoker for sale - trailer mounted.

*Pits may be shown with possible upgrades

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