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Pink Butcher Paper

$ 64.99

Pink/Peach Butcher Paper Roll 20" X 1,000' in Durable Carry Tube, FDA Approved, MADE 100% in the USA, The ORIGINAL meat smoking paper for Texas style BBQ

CounterKraft™ Pink Butcher Paper (or Peach Butcher Paper) enhances the appearance of meat and improves food safety and handling for those in the food service industry including butchers and deli and grocery store owners. The pink color dresses up the look of sandwiches, barbecue, fresh meats, poultry and fish. All of our pink butcher paper is 100% FDA Approved.

Size: 20" X 1,000'


Metal paper dispenser

$ 109.99

  • Don't be fooled by imitations, this is 100% FDA Approved Counter Kraft™ Pink Butcher Paper
  • The ORIGINAL Pink/Peach meat smoking paper is also great for Storing, cooking, serving, wrapping and smoking meats
  • Comes in a durable carry tube that will protect your roll throughout it's entire life.
  • This is Unbleached, Unwaxed, Uncoated Durable Pink Butcher paper proven to provide superior holdout.
  • This is food safe Pink Butcher Paper. Standard basis weight is 40#.
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Pink Butcher Paper

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