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Offset & Upright Smokers

When you think Texas barbecue, you’re thinking about smokers.

Offset or upright, our smokers are grilling classics. Built tough with rugged Texas good looks, our offset or upright smokers are hand-forged and welded, so you’re guaranteed high quality. If you’re looking for a smoker for sale, our selection will provide you with enough grilling space to feed the whole neighborhood with fall-off-the-bone, perfectly smoked meat.

Backyard grills

Our backyard grills are the perfect compromise for a pitmaster short on space. Whether you’re hiking, camping, hunting or living in an area that doesn’t accommodate our generously proportioned smokers or hefty trailer pits. Our backyard grills are made with the same quality and eye for detail as their larger counterparts, but their size permits you to enjoy the pleasures of smoking and grilling meat no matter where life takes you.

Fire pits & wood racks

You’ll feel like you’re going back to your ancestral roots when you’re grilling up some chow on our matte black, temperature resistant, steel fire pits. Custom made to fit your needs; these pits will completely transform the feeling of your outdoor space and permit you to spend time with your guests while grilling up some meat.

Don’t forget a place to keep the wood with our carefully built, completely mobile wood racks. Complementary to our fire pits, these wood racks give you a great spot to keep your wood stacked, whether you’re at home or on the trail.

Trailer Pits

If you’re ready to run with the big boys, look no further than our behemoth trailer pits. Hook them up to your truck and haul them to the grilling competition. Make some extra cash by renting our your services at events, or just make your friends green with envy by using our 1000lbs (or more!) trailer pits to smoke up some meat.

Gift cards

Know a barbecue lover in need of some new gear but not sure what to get them? Let them choose it themselves with our online gift cards. Easy to purchase and simple to use; you’ll be guaranteed to be getting something they’ll love.

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