Specs for Grill with Firebox | Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits

Specs for Grill with Firebox

  • Fully Welded Pit (All Seams Continuously Welded)
  • Constructed of 1/4" Steel Pipe and Plate
  • Strapped Chamber Doors to Contain Smoke
  • Dual 3" Multi-Zone Temp Gauges
  • Stay-Cool Chrome Spring Handles
  • 2" Grease Drain w/ Pail Hook
  • Steel Wagon Wheels
  • Pot Warmer on Firebox
  • Log Grate for Firebox
  • #9 ¾" pressed framed grating for Cooking Surfaces
  • Solid Round Bar For Tow Handle, Lid Stop, and Hinges
  • Custom Contoured Ash Clean-Out Tool
  • 2.5” Round Tubing for Legs
  • 3 Coats of High Temp Paint in BBQ Black
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