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Can I smoke and grill on an offset smoker?
Yes! Grill directly by building a charcoal fire underneath the grates and then grill right over the coals. Grill indirectly by building a firebox blaze and run the dampers in the open position. Smoking or BBQ’ing can be done precisely like indirect grilling, only with the temp held at about 225°.
What makes an offset smoker different than a vertical smoker?
Offset smokers depend on a little hot fire with wood as the source of flavor and fuel, while vertical pits rely on other fuel types, like charcoal with wood chunks included for flavor.
Can you remove the cooking and charcoal/wood grates?
Yes, all of the grates are removable.
How thick is the metal?
Texas Original Pits are made of ¼" steel..
Should I use charcoal, logs or chunks?
Most offset cooks use split wood.
Can I control temperature?
Yes. You control pit temperature by adding more fuel (wood) and positioning the main damper on the firebox once the heat is stabilized.
How do I season a new pit?
Coat the inside of your new pit with canola oil or other high temp vegetable oil or animal fat by using a brush over the entire surface. Using the smoking wood of your choice, build a fire in the firebox and run the pit at 250 or more degrees for three to five hours. Your new pit is cured and ready.
On a typical cook how much wood will I need?
A 10-hour cook requires about 15-18 pieces of wood.
How do I clean the firebox?
The ash clean-out tool that comes with each pit is designed to efficiently remove ash from the firebox.
What about cooking in the winter?
You can cook on your Texas Original Pit under any conditions, all year long, anytime you want.
What is the warranty?
All of our pits and units are constructed from ¼" steel and is guaranteed for life against burnout. Yes, they're built to last a lifetime!
Where do you ship?
Anywhere in the lower 48.
What about packaging? Is assembly required?
All units are shrink-wrapped, palletized and ready to use. The delivery truck's lift gate will lower the pallet to the ground. Just cut the bands and roll it to where it needs to be. No assembly required.
Can I pick it up myself?
No. We are a manufacturing facility and only ship directly to our customers.
Can you ship other accessories?