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About Us

At Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits, we know that BBQ is life. You don't simply enjoy it – it's an integral part of who you are and what you do. We build our grills, smokers, and fire pits for you. Yes, you. Whether you're competing in the fiercest BBQ competitions against master smokers or having a friendly grill-off with your buddy down the street, top-quality BBQ matters. It's what drives you. And you're the reason we do what we do.

Sure, you could buy a nice, shiny, polished-steel pit down at your local department store. But why would you want to? Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits are built for any conceivable environment – from the most extreme BBQ competitions to backyard grilling with your best buds.

Our heavy-duty, top-quality grills, smokers, and pits are built to last a lifetime. We even guarantee it. Our units are made of so much super-tough steel that when your buddy's flimsy grill from the department store has kicked the bucket, you'll still be smoking and grilling years into the future. You’ll grill with a permanent smile, knowing that yours will last for a lifetime.

At any professional BBQ competition in Texas, you're sure to find many proud owners of one of our Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. Ask them why they chose Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits out of all the options out there, and you'll probably hear something like: "It keeps the heat in," or "It keeps the heat stable and even," or "It uses less wood and produces better results," or “Because I like to win.”

The bottom line is this: people who know about BBQ know a quality pit when they see one. They admire and appreciate the hand-forged workmanship that goes into every single Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pit. And you too will know how our attention to detail goes the extra mile in helping you make smoky, moist, mouth-watering, savory BBQ. And isn’t that what matters the most? For those of us to whom BBQ is life, you're damn right it is!

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