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Pearsall Smoker

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Pearsall Smoker
Pearsall Smoker
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Single Lid
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Fully Loaded
Fully loaded
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* 2nd Level Full Slide Out Cook Grating
* Convection Heat - Plate
* Extra 3” Temp Gauge
* Charcoal Grate for Cooking Chamber
* Chrome Temp Probe Port
* Grease Pail

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$ 2,209.99
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When it’s time to make some smoked meat, it’s time to break out your Pearsall vertical smoker.

Whether you’re a dedicated BBQ pitmaster or a homegrown lover all of things smoked and just want to entertain your friends and family, the Pearsall vertical smoker won’t disappoint.

Ranging in size from a 16x48X40x20 single lid to a 24x54X40x22 double lid, the Pearsall vertical smoker offers you rugged, all-American made, ¼” steel construction and fully welded seams. It’s efficient airflow management system means that you will spend less time worrying about meat-ruining temperature spikes and more time producing blue ribbon worthy results.

Included in every one of our Pearsall Vertical Smokers are heavy log grates, 2-3” temperature gauges, a contoured firebox ash clean-out tool to keep everything tidy, steel wagon wheels, framed grill grates, a pot warmer on the firebox, and a 2” grease drain pop with a pail hook to keep clean up a breeze.

The leak-free design of our Pearsall smoker means you will achieve hotter temperatures with less wood. This is because each of our hand-forged smokers is double-welded to prevent any smoke or heat seepage that you would encounter in a cheaper offset smoker.

Pearsall’s vertical design also means you get more room for smoking. Even our smallest Pearsall vertical smoker has 1600 sq. inches of cooking surface, with two 15.5” by 19” cooking grates in the main chamber and three 15.75” diameter cooking grates in the vertical chamber, as well as a 14” x 19” cooking grate in the firebox, you are looking at a generous amount of space to smoke pork butts, sausages, ribs, and more. 

If you want one mean, smoke-making machine for all your traditional Texas barbecue fare, then look no further than our tried-and-true TOP Pearsall vertical smoker.


PEARSALL, TEXAS, the county seat of Frio County, is located along Interstate Highway 35 and the Missouri Pacific Railroad fifty-four miles south of San Antonio in the central part of the county.

February 15, 1882 they platted the town site of Pearsall east of the newly laid railroad tracks opposite Waggoner’s Well and named after the vice president of the railroad, Thomas W. Pearsall.

By 1884, Pearsall was the new county seat of Frio County and had 700 residents, twenty businesses, three hotels, three churches, a district school, and a weekly newspaper known as the Pearsall News. Located at the beginning of the Chisolm Trail, Pearsall saw numerous cattle drives down its main street on their way to Kansas and other famous cattle stops further north. It also experienced the usual cattle trail public hangings and bar brawl until the unfenced open range came to an end in 1887.

 In 1936 Pearsall had an estimated population of 2,536 and forty-one businesses. Oil was discovered in the 1930s, natural gas was introduced in 1945, and many of Pearsall’s avenues were paved in 1947. The town had an estimated population of 4,500 and eighty businesses by 1949; in 1970 it had an estimated population of 5,109 and 128 businesses.

If you’re looking for a way to make plenty of smoked meat, a vertical smoker may be a great choice for you. Our vertical smokers allow for the maximum amount of meat to be smoked in an efficient, upright space.

Using our Seminole Smokehouse, you’ll find that you can easily fill the large smoking chamber with rib racks, briskets and pork shoulders to bursting. Vertical smokers also permit you to do everything standing, which can be a real benefit for those who struggle with back issues. Everything from placing meat on the grill, spritzing and turning the meat, and wrapping in tinfoil can be done from a standing position, since the grills are easily access through the large lid, as opposed to the narrow, waist-high door on horizontal offset smokers.

Vertical smokers have a smaller footprint than traditional offset smokers, which can be a real benefit to those with less space. If you’re working with a smaller backyard, you’ll notice that a vertical smoker permits you the same quality and taste as an offset smoker, but without the added room. Many people will also add vertical smokers to their collection for the option of smoking massive amounts of meat in one go.

Our vertical smokers are made from the same heavy steel construction as our offset smokers. This allows for maximum heat retention, which creates the perfect environment for the low and slow style of smoking that produces tender, fall-off-the-bone smoked meat. Our fully welded seams mean that you won’t experience the smoke or heat leakage associated with cheaper vertical smokers.

Our vertical smokers are also equipped with dual temperature gauges that permit you to keep an eye on the temperature in different sections, allowing you to assess how things are cooking throughout your smoker.

So if you’re looking for vertical smokers for sale, you’ve come to the right place! Our Texas Original Pits vertical smokers will be a purchase you won’t regret.

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