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Corsicana Grill

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Small Grill
Corsicana Grill
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Get ready to be named your neighborhood grill master with the Corsicana wood fired grill. This compact, super-efficient grill is all-American made. Hand forged in Central Texas by our team of skilled metalworkers and welders, the Corsicana grill has a perfectly straight cooking surface that won’t leave your meat rolling or grease pooling.


The Corsicana’s heat retention system is bar none and its dual damper air flow system means that you will be spending less time fiddling with the heat gauges and more time lying back with a cold one while your meat cooks.


The Corsicana grill is a more compact, backyard friendly version of our larger grills, but don’t let this small grill fool you! The Corsicana grill will give you searing hot temperatures fueled by wood or charcoal.  

The 3/16” thick steel construction means heat retention and temperature achievement is at an absolute premium here. In fact, the Corsicana grill can easily achieve temperatures of above 600F and maintain them. The side-mounted exhaust stack serves for increased oxygen flow, further feeding that fire.

Worried the heat will be too much? The Corsicana has impeccable heat management and precise control, allowing you to grill anything from vegetables to steal to even wood-fired pizza.

Each Corsicana grill comes standard with stay cool spring handles and framed grill grates, as well as a 2” grease drain pipe with a pail hook for easy clean up, steel wagon wheels to make moving easier, a heavy-duty charcoal grate, a contoured ash clean-put tool, and one 3” temperature gauge.

Prepare to find years of enjoyment with the Corsicana grill’s rugged construction and time-tested build. We guarantee that you will be finding every excuse to spark up the grill when the Corsicana is sitting in your backyard, just waiting for its next job.


Corsicana, Texas was established in 1848 to serve as the seat of government for Navarro County, which the first Texas legislature had created two years earlier. The county was named after Jose Antonio Navarro, a Texas patriot. When asked what the new town should be called, Navarro replied, "Call it Corsicana after the island of Corsica, the birthplace of my father." Corsicana was a typical post-Civil War cotton town in the black lands of northeast central Texas. The city first adopted its Home Rule Charter in 1917 and last amended in May 2007.

Oil Fields

In 1894, oil was discovered by accident only blocks from Corsicana's business district as drillers were completing an artisan well to expand the city's water supply. Within six years, 500 oil wells operating within the city limits were producing 800,000 barrels of crude annually, making Corsicana the site of the first commercial oil field in Texas. Today the more than 26,000 residents of Corsicana take great pride in their rich history.

Named after the town of Corsicana, Texas, our Corsicana grill is a great option for those looking to buy a quality backyard grill at an affordable price. Smaller than our traditional offset smokers, the Corsicana grill still offers 496 square inches of grilling space for the backyard pitmaster.

Using wood as its source of heat, the Corsicana grill provides incredible heat retention and steady temperatures. This will provide you with an incredible grilling and smoking experience that will require less checking on the meat and less adjustments.

Using a wood-burning grill will give you incredibly moist, tender meat whose flavor has been enhanced by the wood smoke. The type of wood used to cook it can further enhance the deep, rich flavor of wood smoked meat. Apple, hickory or oak wood will all imbue the meat with a smoky taste reminiscent of their fruit. When it comes down to it, grilling with wood just tastes better.

Wood burning grills are also great for people who prefer not to use any chemicals when cooking their food and the intense, steady heat will eradicate any bacteria, while still keeping the meat moist and juicy.

Our Corsicana grill are incredibly easy to use and can produce a wide range of temperatures with no risk of flare up. Unlike gas grills, your meat won’t be in danger of burning and instead can safely cook long and low over steady heat, with a hot sear off at the start.

The Corsicana grill will allow for precise temperature control too, which will make for a more enjoyable grilling experience overall. You will be spending less time adjusting temperatures and monitoring your meat and more time enjoying the sunny day and the time you get to spend enjoying the company of your friends and family.

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