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Texas Hog Roaster & Grill

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If you looking to make proper lechón asado from a Cuban style hog roaster we have your pit. Some times called La Caja China or a Caja Asadora Roaster, this roasting box cooks traditional Cuban style roast pig until the meat is moist and tender while the outer skin is crispy and crackly.

The TOP hog roaster accommodates whole pigs up to ~40 lbs beautifully displayed for all to see behind the glass door. Firewood or charcoal is placed on the surface above the unit allowing the coals to emit radiant heat to the cooking chamber below.

The unit features a height controlled grate above the coals perfect for direct heat grilling. A small light bulb in the cooking chamber illuminates the hog while its cooking allowing all to see the delicious feast that awaits. The TOP hog roaster weighs 150 lbs and must be shipped via freight. Hog roaster with adjustable top grill for sale.

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Texas Hog Roaster & Grill