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Corsicana Grill

$ 689.99

If you’re after searing direct heat fueled by wood or charcoal, the Corsicana is your grill. We designed it with one simple goal - build a grill that will last a lifetime with zero fuss. The Corsicana features physics-defying heat retention thanks to its armor-like ¼ inch solid-steel construction. Easy-to-operate airflow adjustments deliver an amazingly precise temperature control, perfect for steaks, chops, fajitas, birds, burgers and even pizza.

Featuring a tall side-mounted exhaust stack for increased oxygen draw, the Corsicana can easily achieve cooking temperatures above 800F degrees. The Corsicana is a truly timeless grill design executed with the best possible materials and craftsmanship. Corsicana grill for sale.

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The Details

The Design

Stay-Cool Chrome Spring Handles
Strapped Chamber Doors to Contain Smoke
#9 ¾" pressed framed grating for Cooking Surfaces
Solid Round Bar For Tow Handle, Lid Stop, and Hinges

Built To Last

Charcoal Grate
3 Coats of High Temp Paint in BBQ Black
Custom Contoured Ash Clean-Out Tool
Fully Welded Pit (All Seams Continuously Welded)

Made To Work

Grease Drain
2.5” Round Tubing for Legs
Constructed of 1/4" Steel Pipe and Plate
12" Steel Wagon Wheels

Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits

Hand Crafted Quality Since 2007

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