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36" Fire Wood Rack


Fire Wood Rack

Fire Wood Rack

Spindletop Fire Pit

Spindletop Fire Pit

Fire Wood Racks

Rugged good looks meet quality and practical design in our black, powdered steel Fire Wood Racks. These 36” steel beauties are crafted out of 1” tubing and welded together by our skilled team of metalworkers to create a good-looking half-moon design that easily holds a tenth of a cord of wood. Sturdy on its four legs, these Fire Wood Racks will look just as good on the patio as they will sitting beside your truck in the woods.

It’s tough steel construction means that our Fire Wood Racks can be easily transported to wherever you need your wood to go. Whether it’s by the fire while you’re camping under the stars, hunting in the deep wilderness, or entertaining in the backyard, our Fire Wood Racks provide you with an easy and simple way to keep your firewood neatly stacked and on hand

Spindletop Fire Pit

Nothing says grilling in style like watching the smoke curl up from a genuine Spindletop Fire Pit as a fat steak or some nice, juicy chicken grills up in the open air. We here at Texas Original Pits have been designing and building hand-forged fire pits for over a decade, and we’re pretty confident when we say we build some of the finest Texas fire pits there is.

Our Spindletop Fire Pit comes with loads of great features, like an adjustable grill rack that also pivots and can be removed for easy cleaning. We also use 3/16" thick steel tank cap to make our Texas fire pits, which make them into tough, durable pieces of cooking equipment that will completely transform the vibe of your outdoor space.

Since all our fire pits are made in house, we can offer custom sizes to better suit your needs. We’ll build anything from 24” in diameter all the way up to 42” in diameter—making these the kind of fire pits that you can use to grill for just intimate family, or for the whole block!

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