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Everything That You Need to Know About BBQ Pits

by Anthony Saragusa |

Barbecue is one of the traditional styles of foods and has been the part of American cuisine for a long time.  Barbecue and grilling both have become interchangeable terms; however, making a real barbecue is totally a different art.  It requires a BBQ pit, perfectly welded with carbon steel and well equipped with efficient temperature gauges to hold the heat for a long time.  Moreover, cutting fattier meat pieces, adding spices, and smoking them at the right temperature until meat becomes succulent is another struggle.

 Traditional BBQ smoking depends on the quality of BBQ pit or BBQ grill. There many commercial smokers and BBQ pits are available in the market, ranging from giant commercial stainless steel BBQ pits to inexpensive wooden pits. 

Finding a plethora of BBQ pit designs in the market can be overwhelming, but if consider the key things like easy cleaning, heat distribution, chambers and reservoirs and backyard-friendly design while purchasing them, it can become very simple.

Best BBQ Pit Options

Texas Pit Crafter

One of the high-end manufacturers in Texas, they specialize in making best charcoal pits.  Their BBQ pits feature high-grade carbon steel or stainless steel for proper heat distribution.  An adjustable rack for excellent grilling and searing control is a standout feature of their BBQ pit.

 Longhorn BBQ Pit

Built with ¼ inch thick casing, Longhorn BBQ pit retains heat while allowing the flavorful aroma of wood to absorb in the meat.   The door of the BBQ pit is comprises of plasma cut to guarantee long-standing. Moreover, it comes with long lids and an automatic ash removing system to make barbecuing a hassle-free process for you.

Safety Tips for BBQ Pits

Below are some safety rules that you should follow after buying or fixing BBQ pit in your yard.

  • Keep your BBQ pit or smoker at least 5 to 10 feet away from your property.
  • Do not keep them underneath wooden shelters or other overhangs
  • Clean BBQ pit regularly to avoid fat or grease build up
  • Follow the safety instructions given on the BBQ pit manual
  • Always pay attention while making barbecue or grilling

Bottom Line

With the help of these tips and BBQ pit choices, you can buy a suitable BBQ pit for your house.

The Best Buc-ee's BBQ Pits

by Kim Saragusa |

When summer comes, Texas comes to life. If you live in state, then you know how much the people love grilling in the outdoors. Texas Pit's smokers are exceptional and uniquely designed with the highest quality metals, welds, and 1/4in steel. Buc-ee's BBQ pits are an example of pits of the highest quality that will give you the best grilling experience.

Buc-ee's has emerged as one of the top gas stations and stops in the United States. They are best known for their stores, snacks like the Beaver nuggets and most importantly their BBQ grills. The pits that they offer are available in different sizes with different weights, and their prices are different based on the available features. Their pits are strong and durable and made with the best materials for a grill that will last for life. These are not cheapies folks. During the last hurricane here in Houston one of our client's grill lids were thrown up 6ft in the air, got wedged 2-3 feet in the ground, and the lid barely had a scratch on it. Now that's what I'm talking about. Hand-forged from our first-hand experience in the oil fields of Texas.

There are multiple grills with different styles of pits to meet our customer's different needs. Almost all of our pits are equipped with removable racks and prep counters for you to place the rest of the BBQ tools and utensils. Gone are the days when you had to store half of your prep stuff in your kitchen, thanks to the addition of the prep counters in our BBQ pits. A significant improvement in Buc-ee's BBQ pits is the introduction of stainless steel shelving. That helps to prevent any rusting problems which can force you to look for a new grill. Most of the BBQ pits in our collection come up with wheels of different sizes. This makes our grills extremely portable; and we even have trailer mounted pits as well. 

There are pits available according to your size preferences. For instance, if you prefer a backyard BBQ theme, Buc-ee’s BBQ pits have the perfect size for you.  A noticeable issue with most of the pits is that they can be difficult to clean. With a clean-out door on the side, you can quickly clean your pit of any residue, wood chips, and food after each use. 

Get the best Buc-ee's BBQ pits to try out your special BBQ recipes. They will not disappoint you whether it is about quality, controls, features, looks, or the best dang BBQ.

Get The Best Smoker Pits For Sale

by Anthony Saragusa |

Being a BBQ expert, you might know about the importance of having a smoker pit in your kit. You can ensure with a smoker pit that the meat absorbs the smoke. If you have been grilling and barbecuing for some time, you know it's the smoke that does the magic. The best smokers are spacious and give you a lot of control of temperature to prepare the perfectly cooked meal.

There are numerous smoker pits for sale for you to choose from, but you have to know your requirements first. They vary in quality, spacing, fuel requirements and pricing. They also differ in their ability to control the temperature. If you are looking for a starter smoke pit, the vertical water smoker pits are just the thing that you need. These pits do not take up much space and don't require a lot of fuel to run. They cost less and make grilling a fun experience.  The downside of water smokers is that they don't have a lot of temperature control options.

There are other pits for sale such as box smokers and offset smokers which you can add to your plans as well. They are a lot more expensive than the water smokers but also bring in a lot of options for an expert in BBQ. If you are planning to make BBQ all day, an offset smoker might do the trick. That's because they have a strong and thick metal structure that helps hold in a lot of heat. Box smokers, on the other hand, make up a worthy addition for your backyard BBQ requirements. They can operate for longer times and can save you a lot of charcoal.

If you want some innovation in your smoke pits, you should consider going for Kamado grills or smoker ovens. They have fantastic temperature control options and can prove as a worthy long-term investment for your BBQ cravings. 

You can't smoke multiple ribs in a standard grill. You will need a proper smoker pit which can also help you cook the meat without worrying about direct contact with the charcoal. All you have to do is to go through the best smoker pits and find one that can hold up space, control different heat levels and run for a long time.

Beat The Cold With Premium Texas Fire Pits

by Kim Saragusa |

Entertaining friends and family in your backyard on a chilly evening is not fun. To keep your friends and family warm and relaxed, you might need to invest in a decent fire pit. Our fire pits have a ton of options in height, adjustment, heat intensity, and movement, you might have just found the missing piece you were looking for.

The best fire pits usually have high heat resistant paint along with a solid metallic structure. You should look for something that is easy to move around as well. Most of the pits in the Texas fire pits lineup come up with a 360-degree rotational capacity which allows maximum portability. These fire pits can serve as the perfect fit for your weekly gatherings. The removable grills present in most of the fire pits ensure that you won't need cables and pins for keeping up the flame.  A locking lever should be present for maintaining a fixed position while you enjoy the warmth in a chilly atmosphere.

The Texas-themed fire pits are also customizable if you are looking to add some style to them. There are different styles and designs from which you can select your favorite. The theme-based style is a popular choice which includes different interesting themes. Some of them include the Bowl of Fire and the Wave of Fire, which apart from having an attractive appearance, are the perfect equipment to keep you warm and comfy. The Texas fire pits also provide numerous welded prints such as shapes, names, and logos contributing further to the style.

The pits differ in sizes depending upon the height, width, depth and the diameter.  A beautifully designed fire pit with a soothing fire is all that you need for some time for yourself. Don't let your friends have any more excuses for why they can't spend an evening with you outdoors. The Texas fire pits with a reliable construction are here to serve as the perfect partners for your chilly nights.

A Texas-Sized BBQ with the Perfect Texas Smoker

by Kim Saragusa |

The BBQ food has a special place in the hearts of the people of Texas. Nearly all of the premium BBQ equipment with the latest modifications is available in Texas. You might have tried using a simple grill to make sure the smoke absorbs in the meat. If you want to become a BBQ pit expert, you should consider getting a proper Texas smoker in your collection.

There are a few things that you might have to look out for to find the perfect Texas smoker. The first thing to determine is the smoker's temperature controlling ability. Smokers such as the vertical water smokers might be cheap, but they can't withstand a lot of heat.  You should look for something which can provide a slow smoking time. That usually results in perfectly cooked meat. Box smokers and offset smokers are some common types which you can consider for providing the original charcoal taste.

Safety is another factor that you should consider in a smoker. A shockproof feature with a wheel lock or a grill lock feature is a suitable choice for any BBQ expert chef. A heavy-duty construction is a must in any ideal Texas smoker.  You should look for something made up of thick stainless steel which also allows insulation. There are other useful features that you can consider. The ideal smoker comes up with the extra tools such as wooden handles, wheels, hooks, and lids. If you are considering having a Texas-sized BBQ, you might need a large Texas smoker. In this case, you should look for something that has racks and counters for storing your equipment.

Size and durability are some necessary considerations when you are out shopping for a Texas smoker. The smoker you choose should have a durable construction and should also fit in easily in your backyard. A smoker with a grill and an easy to clean feature makes up a memorable BBQ party with your friends. It is about time that you got yourself a good Texas themed smoker to enjoy the original BBQ taste.

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