When To Shop For A New Grill And What To Look For

by Kim Saragusa |

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Nothing says that summer is starting from the first day you smell that smoky, rich aroma of BBQ drifting on the air. Immediately, you dig your your BBQ, crack it open, and reveal a rotted out interior, rust, or other inoperable damage. Your heart sinks, now what?

Chin up! Now you have an excuse to buy a new grill!

The first thing you need to consider when shopping for BBQ grills, smokers or BBQ pits for sale is timing. While readily available most of the summer, the start of the season is when you'll see the least savings. Many people only start considering a new grill purchase when they discover that theirs has failed, and this usually happens early in the spring. Because of this, there's a rush on the stores as new models are rolled out and there won't be a sale in sight.

Instead, the best time to buy is actually closer to the end of the season. Sales are abundant in late July and August since stores don't want to have to warehouse the grills over the winter months. By the time Labor Day rolls around, most of them will be gone.

Where you shop will also make a huge difference in what types of grills you get to see and what prices they'll be selling it. Large department and hardware stores like Home Depot will have lots of options, but they will most often be gas or electric, with a lesser stock in charcoal. While affordable, you will sometimes overpay for heavily marketed items at these stores.

Specialty sellers who custom make BBQ pits, offset smokers, and the like, will also be offering sales, but not to the dramatic discount you will see at big box stores. These are specialty shops that have less of a profit margin.

Finally, consider what type of grill you want to invest in, what fuel source you want to use, and what features you need. It can be hard to make an educated decision when you're at a store with a salesman following you around. So make a list, and stick to it!

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