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The History Of BBQ In Texas

by Kim Saragusa |

In the heart of Texas there’s few things we love more than barbecue.

The smell of grilling meat under a wide open Texas sky speaks to us of our time with friends and family, of waiting for the game to come on, and of time spent by the river or the lake enjoying what our beautiful state has to offer. But the rich smell of grilling meat doesn’t just let us know that a fine meal is on the way; it also speaks to our history.

The History of Texas BBQ

The thing is, BBQ in Texas isn’t just about the way we smoke a fine brisket or some baby back ribs, it’s about the way barbecue shaped this state. See, across the great state of Texas there are many different types of barbecue, all of which draw their roots from the immigrant populations that settled in the area.

South Texas is famous for its barbacoa, which was introduced by Mexican farmhands.

Central Texas barbecue is attributed to Czech and German immigrants who smoked leftover meat from their butcher shops to preserve it and sold it to customers. These customers wanted so much of it that they eventually started opening their own barbecue joints to meet the demand.

East Texas’s saucy, chopped barbecue style finds its roots in African-Americans who settled the area after emancipation from slavery.

Finally, West Texas’ ‘cowboy barbecue’ is cooked over an open fire and comes from the days of cattle drives, trail blazing, and cooking over open fires.

All these various types of barbecue come together to make Texas barbecue the magnificent, tasty smorgasbord that we try to do justice to with our handcrafted and carefully fabricated smokers.

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Here at Texas Original Pits, we have built our company on loyalty and Texas pride. We founded our company on our love for barbecue and wanting to save jobs for our employees when the economy took a turn; and now we want to share that love of barbecue and of our state with you.