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Top Notch Texas Fire Pits, BBQ Accessories, & Mesquite Wood

by Kim Saragusa |

Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of your very own Texas Original Pits fire pit! While our smokers and fire pits are made to the highest standards by our team of highly capable and experienced metalworkers, we also know that accessorizing your new purchase can really make it yours.

Any pitmaster will tell you that a big part of perfecting the art of Texas barbecue is in understanding your grill. Modifying a grill or smoker can allow you to personalize your grilling experience so that you get the most consistent results and the most enjoyable experience.

We offer a variety of accessories that can take your grilling experience to the next level, help protect or spiffy up your investment, or even to help you buy a great gift for the BBQ lover(s) in your home.


While our smokers and pits may be rugged, we still believe in protecting your investment. That's why our Texas Original Pits all-weather covers are custom made to fit our pits and smokers to a T. Made of heavy duty material, our covers will add years of protection to your grill. The best part? Our covers are custom made to fit your grill to your exact specifications, so we can promise a perfect fit.

Want to change our your charcoal grate? Extend your firebox grate? Add a thermometer? We’ve got you covered for those too! We also offer all the paint, odds and ends and extra replacement parts that you need to keep your grill working in tip-top shape.

BBQ Fire Grate

Finally, if you’ve got a burgeoning smoker or seasoned pitmaster on your gift list? You can shop from our accessories with complete confidence that you will get them something that they will love. Consider our Barbecue Tool Combo Set or a set of temperature resistant neoprene gloves, or even a roll of pink butcher paper! We can promise you that any grillmaster will be happy with your purchase for them.