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The Best Buc-ee's BBQ Pits

by Kim Saragusa |

When summer comes, Texas comes to life. If you live in state, then you know how much the people love grilling in the outdoors. Texas Pit's smokers are exceptional and uniquely designed with the highest quality metals, welds, and 1/4in steel. Buc-ee's BBQ pits are an example of pits of the highest quality that will give you the best grilling experience.

Buc-ee's has emerged as one of the top gas stations and stops in the United States. They are best known for their stores, snacks like the Beaver nuggets and most importantly their BBQ grills. The pits that they offer are available in different sizes with different weights, and their prices are different based on the available features. Their pits are strong and durable and made with the best materials for a grill that will last for life. These are not cheapies folks. During the last hurricane here in Houston one of our client's grill lids were thrown up 6ft in the air, got wedged 2-3 feet in the ground, and the lid barely had a scratch on it. Now that's what I'm talking about. Hand-forged from our first-hand experience in the oil fields of Texas.

There are multiple grills with different styles of pits to meet our customer's different needs. Almost all of our pits are equipped with removable racks and prep counters for you to place the rest of the BBQ tools and utensils. Gone are the days when you had to store half of your prep stuff in your kitchen, thanks to the addition of the prep counters in our BBQ pits. A significant improvement in Buc-ee's BBQ pits is the introduction of stainless steel shelving. That helps to prevent any rusting problems which can force you to look for a new grill. Most of the BBQ pits in our collection come up with wheels of different sizes. This makes our grills extremely portable; and we even have trailer mounted pits as well. 

There are pits available according to your size preferences. For instance, if you prefer a backyard BBQ theme, Buc-ee’s BBQ pits have the perfect size for you.  A noticeable issue with most of the pits is that they can be difficult to clean. With a clean-out door on the side, you can quickly clean your pit of any residue, wood chips, and food after each use. 

Get the best Buc-ee's BBQ pits to try out your special BBQ recipes. They will not disappoint you whether it is about quality, controls, features, looks, or the best dang BBQ.

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