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Being A Pitmaster & Looking The Part

by Kim Saragusa |

Want to be a pitmaster and look the part while doing it? Consider investing in some of our fine Texas Original Pits apparel!

We offer a variety of baseball caps, aprons, and heat resistant gloves that will allow you to take the heat and look good doing it. While we’re all for branded T-shirts and merchandise, we decided to focus our efforts on offering apparel to our customers that is both Texas-proud and practical for your next cookout. 

When you’re working with a massive, metal, cooking machine like one of our offset smokers or pits, you’ll want to put something between you and the fire. This is where our aprons come in.

Texas BBQ Cooking Apron

Unlike the aprons you’ll buy at department stores that will feel more like a skirt, our Texas Original Pits’ branded Grill Master Aprons permit full coverage of your clothing. Made of heavy-duty canvas, our apron will protect you from heat and grease, allowing you to get up close and personal with your meat without worrying that you’ll have to change again before dinner.

What’s even better is that our aprons come as kits, which include just about everything you would want or need for a long day spent smoking brisket in the backyard. From the detachable bottle opener to the oven mitt and insulated front pocket for keeping your beer cold, you’ll find that our apron kits are not only versatile but that they are also practical. 

Need something a bit more rugged to protect your hands when you’re working around that heat? Our temperature-resistant neoprene gloves will not only protect your hands, but cover your forearms too! Longer mitts are especially important when working with large smokers, since you may have to reach deeper into the smoker to check on spitting meat.

BBQ Gloves Neoprine Temperature Resistant

Finally, those long days under the Texas sun can get hot on the noggin. To stop yourself from getting woozy in the hit, cover up with one of our branded trucker hats!

Texas Original Pits BBQ Trucker Hats

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