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Brand Ambassador Program

by Anthony Saragusa |

Got a love for Bar-B.Q. that just won’t quit? Then consider trying your hand at becoming a Texas Original Pits brand ambassador! Our brand ambassador program looks for enthusiastic barbecue aficionados above the age of 18 who want to spread the good word of good meat with the world.


Our company has been building its reputation year by year with painstaking attention to detail, conscientious customer service, and a distinct style of smokers and fire pits that captures that rugged Texas look.


What’s a brand ambassador program?


A brand ambassador is someone who is genuinely interested in our brand and our products and who wants to help spread the word about Texas Original Pits. We use our brand ambassador program to recruit individuals who are going to an extension of our company’s mission and values. The relationship built between our brand and our ambassadors is crucial to the success of the program. Our brand ambassador program looks to create a positive experience for our ambassadors and for those we are trying to reach and connect with.


Who are our brand ambassadors?


Our brand ambassadors are people who use and enjoy our products, and who are happy to put their names beside ours. They are passionate and outspoken and know how to grab a crowd’s interest. They have the same love for barbecue, smoking, and Texas as we do and they want to introduce that passion to others in their circle.


We look for ambassadors with a passion for writing and photography, and who excel at social media.


If you’re someone who has always loved barbecue and everything surrounding barbecue, and have found that Texas Original Pits offers a product and a service that you can get behind, then we encourage you to apply to join our brand ambassador program!