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The Best Houston BBQ Smoker

by Anthony Saragusa |

Over the past few decades, Houston has not only established but also maintained its unique barbecue identity. The increased number of barbecue restaurants in the city reflects how people have turned into barbecue enthusiasts. Whether you love to make barbecue at home or own a barbecue restaurant, you are dependent on a good barbecue smoker to make flavorful and succulent steaks.

To help you with buying the right product, we have enumerated some best Houston BBQ smokers.

Longhorn Reverse Flow

Longhorn reverses flow known as the best Houston BBQ smoker as it provides the perfect heat distribution with its high-tech design. It maintains smoke flow to ensure every part of your steak is evenly cooked and tendered. The standard set up includes a giant charcoal basket, heat flower, and removable baffles.

Moreover, it comes with a flexible configuration that helps you control the heat flow and makes it an excellent Houston BBQ smoker. It efficiently maintains longer cooking time and also cleans leftover ash accumulated in the firebox.

Best Houston BBQ Smoker


Made from high-quality steel, highland smokers include the best options of Houston BBQ smokers. The heavy- gauge construction is what makes it stand out among its competitors. For smart handling, it has convenient fire doors, along with the multiple dampers to control blazing flares of BBQ pit.

In addition, the grill lid for protection, grilling accessories, metal shelf and preheat status monitoring are some other exceptional features of BBQ smoker.

Houston Smoker BBQ

Designed with traditional style, Houston smoker BBQ can give you an ultimate barbecue experience. The multi-purpose smoker is sleek and easy-to-move anywhere you want. Houston smoker BBQ blends the flavors well with the help of its small charcoal firebox.

Smoking Tex

SmokingTex is an electric meat smoker for making scrumptious wood-smoked barbecue. Mostly used for commercial purpose, the barbecue pros have appreciated it and rated it as the best Houston BBQ smoker.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, all listed BBQ smokers are economical and are chefs’ favorite. Used for both commercial and home cooking, we are sure they will give you the best BBQ cooking experience.

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