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How Different BBQ Wood Fuels Can Complement Your Meat

by Kim Saragusa |

Our Texas Original Pits smokers are made with the goal of producing the finest, tastiest barbecue that the Lone Star State has to offer. To that end, we recommend using one of our fine selections of wood fuels.

If you’ve never smoked with wood, you will soon learn that each type of hardwood produces a unique flavor profile that will complement your meat in different ways. Woods exist on a spectrum, from strong to mild, and should be chosen and used according to the meat you plan on smoking. A classic combination is salmon and Western Red Cedar, which complement each other nicely.

A mesquite smoked salmon? Not as appetizing.

Speaking of mesquite, it’s probably one of the strongest woods you can smoke with, which is why we recommend using it with a deft hand.

Beyond that, we carry all the classics such as pecan, oak, hickory, and pinon to B&B Charcoal Products, which work exceptionally well with our Texas Original Pits smokers.

It’s important to remember that no matter what type of wood you’re using, the real grill master knows the key to smoking food is how to use the wood. Oversmoking your meat is a real risk that not enough beginner grillers are aware of. In the end, your guests are still there to taste the meat, not just the smoke. To avoid this, only smoke the meat for no more than half the recommended cooking time. 

Smoking isn’t just about adding flavor to the meat either (though it does add an absolutely transcendent flavor to meat when done correctly), smoking also adds an appealing hue to your meat. That classic, dark ‘bark’ you see on smoked meats is a sign of the wood smoke having penetrated the first layer of the meat.

If you’re willing to experiment, you could try your hand at mixing different woods together to find the flavor combination that could work for you.

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