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Everything That You Need to Know About BBQ Pits

by Anthony Saragusa |

Barbecue is one of the traditional styles of foods and has been the part of American cuisine for a long time.  Barbecue and grilling both have become interchangeable terms; however, making a real barbecue is totally a different art.  It requires a BBQ pit, perfectly welded with carbon steel and well equipped with efficient temperature gauges to hold the heat for a long time.  Moreover, cutting fattier meat pieces, adding spices, and smoking them at the right temperature until meat becomes succulent is another struggle.

 Traditional BBQ smoking depends on the quality of BBQ pit or BBQ grill. There many commercial smokers and BBQ pits are available in the market, ranging from giant commercial stainless steel BBQ pits to inexpensive wooden pits. 

Finding a plethora of BBQ pit designs in the market can be overwhelming, but if consider the key things like easy cleaning, heat distribution, chambers and reservoirs and backyard-friendly design while purchasing them, it can become very simple.

Best BBQ Pit Options

Texas Pit Crafter

One of the high-end manufacturers in Texas, they specialize in making best charcoal pits.  Their BBQ pits feature high-grade carbon steel or stainless steel for proper heat distribution.  An adjustable rack for excellent grilling and searing control is a standout feature of their BBQ pit.

 Longhorn BBQ Pit

Built with ¼ inch thick casing, Longhorn BBQ pit retains heat while allowing the flavorful aroma of wood to absorb in the meat.   The door of the BBQ pit is comprises of plasma cut to guarantee long-standing. Moreover, it comes with long lids and an automatic ash removing system to make barbecuing a hassle-free process for you.

Safety Tips for BBQ Pits

Below are some safety rules that you should follow after buying or fixing BBQ pit in your yard.

  • Keep your BBQ pit or smoker at least 5 to 10 feet away from your property.
  • Do not keep them underneath wooden shelters or other overhangs
  • Clean BBQ pit regularly to avoid fat or grease build up
  • Follow the safety instructions given on the BBQ pit manual
  • Always pay attention while making barbecue or grilling

Bottom Line

With the help of these tips and BBQ pit choices, you can buy a suitable BBQ pit for your house.