Wood Fuels

Texas Original BBQ PitsĀ® specializes in the highest quality of seasoned hardwoods that are a great quality of smoking wood for burning. If you are firewood enthusiasts looking to grill your steaks, smoker barbeque, or simply have a fire in the fireplace, a backyard fire pit or open-air campfire, we have the seasoned firewood you need. Our woods are some of the most popular choices among Texas barbecue enthusiasts, and ideal for your grills and smokers, adding the natural real wood smoke flavor to your next outdoor BBQ event. Woods can be used exclusively or can be blended, part of the fun of experimenting with different fuels and different cuts of meat is finding the combination that fits your preferred flavor profile.

Our wood is custom split for low and slow cooking. Careful measures are taken to ensure that your wood is kept cleaned and free of cross-contamination.